Shed Seven stars join Fibbers’ celebration for Independent Venue Week

On air: Rick Witter. Photograph © Dibs McCallum
26 Jan 2016 @ 9.41 pm
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This is Independent Venue Week, a national seven-day celebration of liberated music venues.

So naturally enough Fibbers is flying the flag in York.

The Toft Green home to every kind of live music (and the occasional wrestling match) has lined up a typically intriguing mix of the talents.

The Fibbers line-up

Tues Jan 26: Halo Blind + Fronteers + The Pylons
Weds Jan 27: FM + No Hot Ashes
Thurs Jan 28: The Talks + China Shop Bull + The Magnificent Seven
Fri Jan 29: Rick Witter & Paul Banks (Shed 7)
Sat Jan 30: The Bastard Sons + RSJ + Dead White Doves + Pantheon
Sun Jan 31: The Lake Poets + Boss Caine + Zak Ford + Ryan Spendlove + Edwina Hayes

Build an audience

A total of 120 venues are taking part in Independent Venue Week. And Fibbers supremo Tim Hornsby is right behind the celebration.

“Bands don’t start in 1,000 capacity venues, they get the experience and breaks in small venues with small promoters who act on hunches and a love for music,” Tim told YorkMix.

“Without these two vital components there would be no live music in the UK, full stop. No festival headliners, nothing.

“They’d have nowhere to learn their chops and build an audience.”

Under massive threat

How does he see the future for the independents? Tim is worried…

Sadly, these bastions of culture, the real culture, are under massive threat from red tape, punitive taxation and obdurate local authorities.

The most important issue is the ‘Agent Of Change’ which if adopted, simply put, means that if a developer or person moves next to an existing and law-abiding live music venue they must either accept the noise levels and late night population movement or pay for their own soundproofing.

Instead of the current situation whereby a block of flats can be put up next to a venue (or a person moves in next door) and the venue has to fund all the expensive soundproofing which, in most cases, puts them out of business.

The alternative is too grim to contemplate: “If we don’t defend these issues it’s X-Factor and The Voice and that’s your lot mate!”

On a more optimistic note, we asked Tim who he was looking forward to seeing this year.

His answer? “My next grandchild due in May!” Ahh…