Shed Seven release new video of classic track – and people love it

They're coming home, they're coming home, the Sheds are coming home…
6 May 2017 @ 8.52 pm
| Entertainment

Here’s a treat for music fans.

Shed Seven released a one-off performance of their single Bully Boy to mark its 21st anniversary on Saturday (May 6).

The York band are in Andalusia, Spain recording their new album.

Lead singer Rick Witter said: “Today marks the 21st birthday of our old hit Bully Boy.

“Not that we’re condoning bullying in any way kids… But for one day only, happy birthday Bully Boy.”

The single was the fourth to be released from the Shed’s smash hit 1996 album A Maximum High. It reached number 22 in the UK Top 40.

‘Best band ever’

The new version got a lot of love from the internet. Within two hours of release it had enjoyed 30K views on Facebook.

Comments included

Brilliant version but making me feel really old considering I was 24 when this came out

– Simon Foxall

Quite simply the best band ever in my humble opinion.

– Andy Whiting

My favourite Shed Seven’s track! And yes, Shed Seven are probably the most underrated English band ever.

– Fabio D’Antonio

As we reported in February the Sheds are recording their first studio album for 16 years as a prelude to their biggest tour ever.

Rick revealed last month that the first confirmed song title from the album is It’s Not Easy.

He said: “Lyrically the songs deal with classic Shed Seven style themes. Mostly love, loss, jealousy, hope and of course…. a smattering of sex and innuendo.”