Seven York YouTubers you should be watching

The perfect answer to the Zoella generation’s needs: Megan Baker. Photograph: MeganLovesBeauty / YouTube
27 Sep 2016 @ 7.23 pm
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YouTube is an unstoppable machine.

The slogan ‘Broadcast Yourself’ has invited individuals across the globe to create online content for over 11 years, and is now churning out 60 hours worth of video footage every minute.

A space for anyone’s ideas to flourish, whether that be opinions on makeup, short films or the world of gaming – a community exists online that allows people to connect across the globe.

With YouTube stars like Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes reaching millionaire status before the age of 24, it is becoming ever clearer that this website no longer simply exists in the realm of your 14-year-old’s bedroom…

As a self-titled filmmaker, I have been creating on YouTube since 2012. Growing up in front of a growing audience of 10,000 has been my prime outlet for my creativity.

Experimenting through short films with a handmade style, I have recently found myself delving into the world of documentary filmmaking.

So what does York have to offer in this expanding game of subscribers and view counts?

Maddie Drury

Exploring different styles since the dawn of YouTube in 2012, my channel has become an assorted mix, progressing from spoken word, vlogs about the teenage experience and a recent dabble in documentary filmmaking.

It takes just a few seconds to get addicted to the creativity in her editing, and her unique take on some of YouTube’s biggest tropes that make them completely her own.

Add some on-point opinion pieces about surviving your school years, by the end of going through her videos you’ll just fall in love

Tilly Pearce, Author Ten Eighty

Stan Gaskell

At just 15 years old, Stan already possesses the qualities of an emerging filmmaker, resembling a young Edgar Wright if he had been born into the digital age.

Whether it’s talking to a camera about his aspirations or fully formed sketches, Stan’s confidence in front of his small audience shows signs that this spark will soon ignite.

Speaking out about the teenage experience, A Visual Representation Of Revision offers an imaginative look into the stressful world of studying, a comfort to those currently undergoing exams.

His editing skills do not go amiss as each video beholds homespun effects and quick paced jump cuts, perfect for those looking for a quick dose of comedy.

Stan explains what the platform means to him as a young creator:

YouTube for me is not about subscribers, it’s about the ability to share what I love doing to people. It allows people you’ve never met to connect with you and is a huge boost of self esteem.

Megan Baker

Another young star in our midst, Megan is the perfect answer to the Zoella generation’s needs.

Advising her young audience on a range of lifestyle tips from drugstore gems to high-end cosmetic hacks, Megan pitches it perfectly for any aspiring beauty blogger.

Equipped with a charming personality and DSLR camera, no one is left in doubt as to how she has obtained her 23,000 strong audience.

One of her most recent hauls features a selection of clothes from New Look. As Megan compliments each look with a delightful story, it’s hard not to fall for this bright eyed Yorkshire lass.

Phil Lester

Definitely not hidden in the shadows, this cat whisker-wearing online pioneer has amassed more than three million subscribers, just after graduating York University in October 2014.

Along with right hand man Dan Howell, the pair have gained cult status, a DJ spot on Radio 1 and a loyal fan base to boot.

Dan Bonser

Dan vlogs his daily life, taking the audience with him from his York bedroom to London.

His abundance of enthusiasm and lighthearted approach to topics provide a warm environment for any viewer to escape to.

Reminding us all of the early days of YouTube, Dan’s content harks back to the time that allowed simple storytelling to triumph.

Lili Brewin

Lili Brewin
Plunging into the world of student filmmakers, Lili is a shining example of what can be created on the YouTube platform on a small budget.

Her hilarious mockumentary The Life of a Student Filmmaker provides a self-aware insight into the struggling days of a novice creator.

Lili is taking filmmaking a step further, intending to study at Salford University in September.

With studying TV and radio at Salford this year, I’m hoping to meet like minded people who enjoy also making content that is not necessarily needing a big budget or special effects to create but who are more interested in getting stories out there.

With having the YouTube platform as a stepping stone, I’m hoping with creating more short films/sketches in the future that it will help show people that you don’t necessarily need the equipment or facilities to create an interesting piece.

It’s mainly about the story you tell and the hard work that makes it pay off.

Mark and Liam Foster

Sparky and Son
A gaming channel with a heart. Father and son Mark and Liam Foster team together to play videogames such as Minecraft, Terraria and Skyrim.

The lovable team create enjoyable viewing as they hop from game to game with ease, as their father son chemistry is something to behold; not your average gaming channel.

Are you a York YouTuber that we’ve missed, or have we overlooked your favourite York YouTube channel? Drop us a line or pop a link in the comments below and we’ll make amends…