Rule of six ‘too lax’ says York leader

York’s deputy council leader believes the rule of six doesn’t go far enough to protect people during the second coronavirus wave.

Any gathering of more than six people in England is currently illegal, unless it meets one of the exemptions.

Andy D’Agorne said: “I think it is most likely community transmission [happens] in people’s homes and after 10pm that is driving an increase with current licensing rules making that more likely.

“The rule of six is too lax – any more than two households meeting up indoors in private risks rapid spread, especially if that includes alcohol after 10pm.”

And he called for better financial support for areas like York that are not in lockdown – but where pubs and restaurants still lose business by being forced to shut at 10pm.

He said: “Tighter restrictions closing pubs and cafes would at least bring workers into receiving funding whereas the current situation just means more redundancies because many are only able to trade at a loss.

“I would rather see government put forward more effective measures nationally as well as better financial support for the hospitality industry already affected by reduced capacity, public concerns of going out and the 10pm curfew.”