Review: Revoker, Fozzy and the almighty Drowning Pool

21 Apr 2013 @ 11.47 am
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The new Drowning Pool lineup Photograph:

Review: Revoker, Fozzy and Drowning Pool
Venue: Fibbers, April 19

Unfortunately we missed most of the Revoker set due to bad time keeping and the fact that a trip to the pub was the first thing on the list after a long day’s work. As we finished grabbing our first drink of the night, the heavy, thunder-like sound of Revoker came to an end and the already packed crowd roared loudly. I would have liked to have watched all their set. However, much more exciting things were to come.

After some cheerful banter and trying to get to know some of the crowd around us (a very obvious mixture of new school and old school rockers) Fozzy emerge on to the stage. One member missing, the guitarist began to play the first few notes to their opening song – another figure emerged, the one person that myself and my friend were absolutely dying to see. Chris Jericho (Former WWE Wrestler), complete with his aviator glasses, which seem to have become a trademark accessory.

The atmosphere was amazing, Jericho really kept the crowd going – now and then there would be five minutes’ continuous chanting of Fozzy, Fozzy, Fozzy, Fozzy……….or Y2J. Clearly playing the crowd’s favourite songs, there was singing and a lot of dancing around from our corner of the room. By the time the set was half way through I was really enjoying being at a gig for the first time in ages, my friend agreed with me on this – throat starting to hurt from screaming and shouting and feet getting a bit tired. Some slightly heavy and very fun beats, I was still managing to dance along to some awesome tunes despite my poor feet hurting. I was then just waiting for my favourite of the three bands.

Eeeeeekkkkk…..(me getting a tad excited) Drowning Pool. We had to push through a bit of the crowd for a better view, now at least I could see the whole of the band instead of just four heads. With a great view of new lead singer Jasen Moreno being an extra bonus. They started to play, the whole crowd were moving, fists in the air, loud screams, stamping feet – reminded me of years past and the good old days when a gig used to feel like a massive family reunion, everyone you knew was there enjoying great music.

A very familiar tune fills the room and the last song began, a roar from the crowd, then:

One – Nothing wrong with me
Two – Nothing wrong with me
Three – Nothing wrong with me
Four – Nothing wrong with me

One – Something’s got to give
Two – Something’s got to give
Three – Something’s got to give
Four – Something’s got to give

Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor

The whole room erupted, a small pit started at the very front, no need for Jasen to even sing as everyone knew every last word. At that point I could have sworn I saw sweat dripping from the beams above.

Screaming at the top of my lungs, still dancing like an idiot, their set was about done.

I had a fantastic time, so did my friend and I am sure everyone else in the room did too.
I forgot how good Drowning Pool were back in the day and still are now. Fozzy were equally as brilliant… and Revoker? Well I am sure I caught them at a gig in the past but no doubt they will pop up at a venue near me very soon.

My eardrums were surprisingly intact, too much was drunk and my purse was most definitely looking a bit empty.