Review: Love and laughs on the Lambeth Walk

11 Apr 2013 @ 12.05 pm
| Entertainment
Talented troupe: York Musical Theatre Company present Me And My Girl
Review: Me And My Girl by York Musical Theatre Company
Venue: Joseph Rowntree Theatre, April 10

Following a long, hard day in the garden I thought my mother and I would relax with a quiet show – no chance! All notions of unwinding were banished. From the first bars of The Sun Has Got His Hat On, through unrelenting melody and humour to the Lambeth Walk finale, the evening rolled rambunctiously along.

Being the first time I’d visited the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, I was unsure what to expect – I was more than pleasantly surprised. We joined an excited audience as, by way of an orchestral introduction, we were treated to a rousing, mini-musical montage; short bursts of Me And My Girl and The Lambeth Walk certainly stirred everyone’s emotions.

Once the curtains opened the quality of the show was apparent. The remarkably grand and innovative sets, enhanced by subtly crafted lighting, provided a fitting backdrop for a talented cast to deliver an upbeat, entertaining and humorous performance. Full-stage dance sets with richly coloured costumes contrasted with fast-paced scenes bursting with quick-witted hilarity, showcasing the talents of the troupe.

Brilliant… Toni Feetenby and John Haigh
Brilliant… Toni Feetenby and John Haigh

The leading couple (John Haigh and Toni Feetenby) excelled in their principal roles with wonderful singing, tender love scenes and sharp humour, plus brilliant improvisation thrown in for good measure.

Clever prop shifts as characters exited the stage, extra-quick costume changes and a skilful blend of sensitive lighting in tandem with a semi-transparent curtain – which generated an almost ghostly impression for a couple of scenes – served to underline the quality of direction and further embellish the complete theatre experience.

If your bag is lively music, lavish costumes, spectacular scenes and outstanding acting in a show suitable for all the family, then get yourself along to see Me And My Girl. Like they say: “It’s going to be a right ol’ knees up!”

  • Me And My Girl is at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre until Saturday, April 13
  • Tickets cost £13-£15 and are available from the York Theatre Royal website