Review: Chris Ramsey – not dangerous but very funny

Genuinely excited: Chris Ramsey
25 Nov 2013 @ 4.55 pm
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Genuinely excited: Chris Ramsey
Genuinely excited: Chris Ramsey

Review: Chris Ramsey: The Most Dangerous Man On Saturday Morning TV
Venue: York Barbican, Sunday, November 24

The Most Dangerous Man On Saturday Morning TV is a great title for a stand up show, even if it is not slightly close to being true.

The title is derived from the time last year when Chris Ramsey was removed and banned from Sky football show Soccer AM. To tell you anymore would be to rob you of a cracking story.

Ramsey, current star of almost every panel show going, brought his ridiculous hair and cheeky grin to York Barbican and although not quite a sellout, it was a lot fuller than it has been for several shows I have attended there recently.

Ramsey himself came out to introduce his support, fellow North East comic Carl Hutchinson. I have seen Hutchinson before, he was support for Mick Foley back in May, and thought he was excellent then.

He did a cracking job of warming up the crowd, easy charm and very physical storytelling.

After an interval Ramsey took to the stage. Appearing smaller than he does on TV, (don’t we all?) he appeared genuinely excited to be playing such a big venue, which is always nice to see.

Ramsey is signed to one of the biggest comedy agencies in the country, Avalon, but seemed almost embarrassed, apologising in advance for his story needing to talk about being on TV, not wanting to appear, in his words “Billy Big B******s”.

What followed was a slightly disjointed but very, very funny hour and a half. The problems with the flow of the show did not come from Ramsey himself, but from the extraordinary number of people who couldn’t wait to go to the loo, clambering their way down the stairs noisily and distracting us all.

Ramsey dealt with it very well, but it took away from what is a very good show. On this evidence you can see why Ramsey is booked for all those panel shows, a very quick and likeable stage presence.

If you get an opportunity, give Ramsey a chance. He is not that dangerous after all, just funny.