Revealed: How many coronavirus deaths there have been in each area of York

York Hospital. Photograph: Richard McDougall
1 May 2020 @ 6.28 pm
| News

New statistics have revealed the number of deaths from coronavirus in each geographical area of the UK.

An interactive map from the Office of National Statistics reveals the number known to have died from Covid-19 in every area of England and Wales.

And researchers have found that people living in the poorest parts of England and Wales are dying at more than double the rate of those in more prosperous areas. 

The report analysed 20,283 virus deaths registered in England and Wales from March 1 to April 17, which means it is two weeks out of date and thousands of fatalities have not been included.

You can enter a postcode in to the map below to check near you. We have compiled a table of the data from areas in York

AreaConfirmed deaths
Bishopthorpe & Copmanthorpe5
Clifton Without & Skelton1
Dunnington, Elvington & Wheldrake4
Fulford Road & Clementhorpe1
Fulford Road & Clementhorpe1
Fulford, Heslington & University1
Heworth North & Stockton3
Holgate East1
Holgate West1
Rawcliffe & Clifton South2
South Bank & Dringhouses3
Westfield, Chapelfields & Foxwood 1
Woodthorpe & Acomb Park7
York City Centre1