Revealed: A radical new look for Micklegate hotel plans

20 Jan 2020 @ 8.12 pm
| Environment

Radical new plans have been drawn up for one of York’s most famous streets, after earlier proposals drew strong opposition.

Developers have revealed their new plans for the top of Micklegate, where they want to build a hotel in part of the block between Priory Street and Micklegate Bar.

The new proposals are for an updated “modern medieval” design, and are shown in these new artists impressions, exclusive to YorkMix.

Early last year, Staycity and developer North Star Investment revealed plans to demolish the Jinnah restaurant, the Minster Car Hire garage and the Micklegate 127 bar, and to replace them with a 146-bedroom building reaching five storeys in places.

Conservation groups and many local people were critical of the plans though, saying the building marred the look and feel of Micklegate and jeopardised archaeology within the site of the Holy Trinity Priory precinct, dating back 1,000 years.

North Star has now withdrawn that plan and have instead submitted radically-different proposals.

Major changes

The revised hotel has far fewer bedrooms

Under the new plans, the Micklegate 127 bar is preserved, planned basements are scrapped and the number of bedrooms is reduced from 146 to 65.

A spokesperson for North Star said:

  • We have listened to feedback and have significantly altered the plans as a result.

    The application is for a high-quality development to replace detractor buildings on this magnificent street. We feel that these proposals will continue the renaissance of Micklegate.

The hotel in context

The firm said the changes followed feedback from the city council, local residents and other organisations.

“The design continues the previous proposal theme of a ‘modern medieval’ building but further work has been put into the design to make it more contemporary,” said the spokesperson.

“The proposals will provide a vibrant street frontage and replace a ‘detractor’ building.”

Earlier plan criticised

Scrapped: The previous design for a much bigger hotel

York Conservation Trust had called the original design for the site excessively-high, inappropriate and insensitive.

The charity Save Britain’s Heritage had said the initial plan would cause “significant harm to the character” of the city-centre conservation area.

It said Micklegate’s appeal was in the diversity of its buildings, and the original design would damage that. The group said the initial elevation was “inarticulate and repetitive among the fine and richly-detailed buildings of Micklegate,” adding: “The hotel would sit overbearingly next to the historic neighbours.”

A rooftop view of the new design

Concern had also been raised about the original plan to have a basement, with objectors saying such excavations would have destroyed important archaeology.

The company said it had now submitted a new planning application. Applications are usually available to view in full on the City of York Council website within a few days of being submitted.