Residents of one area of York might soon get free parking permits

People living near the University of York may soon get free residents’ parking permits – after an increase in students and staff parking on their streets.

Residents in Badger Hill and the Newland Park Drive area will be asked for their views on a permit scheme.

Under the plans each household would get their first permit for free, paid for by the university, but further permits will need to be paid for.

Hull Road councillor Michael Pavlovic said: “After years of campaigning and lobbying for this, Hull Road councillors are so pleased that at last residents will start to get some opportunity to park near their own homes.

“The University of York has accepted that their students and staff have used these areas as a free overflow car park and will be funding the implementation of the scheme and a free permit for each eligible home.”

Cllr Michael Pavlovic

Transport boss, councillor Andy D’Agorne, added: “Being able to park safely near your home and access your driveway is important to many people across York but in this case has become more difficult because of staff and students parking in these residential streets rather than on campus.”

He pushed for the plans to go straight to consultation so the scheme can be put in place quickly, if residents are in favour of the parking restrictions.

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