Race against time to save Alex: Former army dog paralysed in freak accident at his York home

2 Nov 2020 @ 1.10 pm
| News

Ex service dog Alex is a genuine hero. But now he needs your help – fast.

Alex, who lives in York, needs expensive spinal surgery after a freak accident at home. His owner and his friends have launched a crowdfunder to pay for it as it will cost thousands of pounds..

Alex, a German shepherd, spent most of his life in the Army. First as a military police dog, then helping to train newly qualified dog handlers serving his country for nine years in total.

It’s was during this time that Georgina Coulton from York became his primary handler.

“We helped each other through some really tough times and connected on a greater scale than anyone could of imagined, we became inseparable.

“However, I was then medically discharged from the army meaning I was then faced with the prospect of having to leave best friend behind.

“I was heartbroken and couldn’t imagine a life without my faithful companion, who had become so much more than a pet to me.

“So I fought for Alex’s retirement and thankfully the Army could see that Alex deserved the chance to be welcomed into a caring loving home where he could spend the rest of his years… until now.”

‘I heard a huge bang’

Geoorgina and Alex

Georgina told YorkMix what had happened.

“I’d let him out into the garden for a toilet break and what happened next will haunt me for the rest of my life.

“I heard a huge bang, something had spooked Alex in the garden and he had run at speed right into the back door!

“I found him crying in a heap on the floor, wrestling with himself to stand but with no avail. It suddenly became apparent that he was paralysed from the waist down.

The accident has left Alex needing expensive treatment

“I rushed Alex the emergency vets and X-rays were taken revealing that there were no spinal fractures, however the cause of Alex’s paralysis was unknown.”

Now Alex’s only hope for diagnosis and rehabilitation rests on the Go Fund Me page.

Fortunately the charity Hero Paws UK has paid the £3,500 to get an MIR scan which shows that he needs spinal surgery. However being a small charity they can not make any further contributions.

“So as it stands Alex is laid in a crate waiting for us to find £8,000 for his op,” Georgina told us.

“We are so grateful for the donations received so far but its not nearly enough for the operation which needs to be done now. We are hoping more people will help our hero Alex.”