Quiz: How many of these then-and-now pix of York can you identify?

31 May 2020 @ 3.32 pm
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A lot can change in the space of eleven years.

Back in 2009, Lance Armstrong had seven unquestioned Tour de France titles to his name. Miley Cyrus was still playing Hannah Montana. We could leave the house uninhibitedly. Those were the days.

Google Street View was released in the UK that year as well. As such, early editions of it provide a fascinating time capsule of York’s recent past, and the changes, big and small, that our fair city has undergone over the past decade.

But what can you remember?

The following fifteen questions will test your powers of recall of what went before, and your knowledge of what the city centre looks like today. Good luck, and see you in eleven years time for round two…

Streetview then and now quiz

Pictured in 2008, this funky-looking establishment houses what today?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Mansion
2. Salvation
3. Flares
4. Popworld

It's Popworld

Voted the worst club in the UK back in 2016, Popworld retains Reflex's cheesy ambience on George Hudson Street to this day. The Railway King himself would doubtless be proud.

What pub and eatery can now be found on this street corner?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Gibson's
2. Fossgate Social
3. FortyFive Vinyl Cafe
4. Micklegate Social

It's the Micklegate Social

With ten craft beer lines and fresh scran available daily, the Social makes an ideal alternative to a stodgy Wetherspoons lunch just within Micklegate Bar.

Though not for much longer, what building can be seen here today?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Society
2. Fibbers
3. Brew York
4. Mumbai Lounge

It's Fibbers

York's most iconic music venue is, sadly, set to be demolished to make way for offices. The end of the Toft Green building is far from the end of Fibbers, however - there are rumours it could return to its old home of Stonebow House in the near future.

A shop selling what is located here today?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Harry Potter merch
2. Expensive hats
3. Camping equipment
4. Gin

It's York Gin

Sir Thomas Herbet's House, possibly the most iconic and undoubtedly the saggiest building in the city, now plays host to an emporium of delicious bevs. Their gin range includes a tribute to the Theatre Royal's spectral Grey Lady, distilled with Earl Grey tea.

Twelve years on from the time of this photo, what is located here?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Wok & Go
2. York Roast Co
3. Humpit
4. Valhalla

It's York Roast Co

The spiritual home of gravy replaces a place of literary wonder. That said, their Yorkshire pudding wrap is so good I can't even be mad. 

Hard one, this. What clothing brand now occupies this shop?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Hollister
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Jack Wills
4. White Stuff

It's Jack Wills

Providing overpriced gilets to fourteen-year-old girls since 1999.

The former site of picture shop Athena on Feasegate now houses what?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Viewpoint Opticians
2. Patisserie Valerie
3. Cloggs
4. Subway

It's Patisserie Valerie

Want some overpriced cake in York? Can't be faffed queuing for Betty's? This is your only alternative.

What restaurant can now be visited here?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Yo! Sushi
2. Wagamama
3. Casa di Pasta
4. Humpit

It's Yo! Sushi

Instead of buying bedding, you can now enjoy the aesthetically pleasing conveyor belt of fishy joy that is Yo! Sushi's hallmark.

Currently, a branch of what occupies this prime spot?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Costa
2. Brewdog
3. Caffe Nero
4. Wackers

It's Costa Coffee

Perhaps the off licence that formerly occupied this building was courting danger, being so close to the river.

Keeping the same sign font as its predecessor, what establishment is found today at these Lendal premises?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Fossgate Social
2. Evil Eye
3. House of the Trembling Madness
4. D'vine

It's House of the Trembling Madness

After a million pound revamp, the five-floor bar opened in 2018 with more craft beers available than you can shake a sausage sandwich at.

This big branch of Laura Ashley made way for what?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. The Market Cat
2. Turtle Bay
3. Bobo Lobo
4. Stonegate Yard

It's Turtle Bay

Another case of shop out, restaurant in. I once ingratiated myself at the first meal with my new girlfriend's parents here by ordering a goat burger that I didn't realise was incredibly expensive. It didn't last long after that.

What can now be found in this grandiose building?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Ask
2. Pizza Express
3. Wetherspoons
4. Carluccio's

It's Carluccio's

The site of a Terry's shop in days of yore, this imposing Grade II listed building in St Helen's Square was – until the coronavirus pandemic – home to a rather gorgeous branch of Carluccio's Italian restaurant.

Let's switch the format now - what was in this building BEFORE it became the Pavement Vaults?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Sainsbury's
2. Cycle Heaven
3. Jessop's
4. Timberland

It was Jessop's

The camera company made way for the somewhat prettier bar back in 2015. Seems almost quaint now to have a huge camera store so centrally.

Before the FortyFive vinyl cafe moved in, what shop was located here on Micklegate?

Photograph: YorkMix
1. Countrywide Lettings
2. Bridal Lounge
3. Jaipur Spice
4. Oxfam

It was Bridal Lounge

Now more suitable for wedding DJs than blushing brides. They do a mean toastie in there as well.

Finally, what quirky shop resided on Low Petergate before Five Guys arrived in 2017?

Photograph: Google Street View
1. Hawkin's Bazaar
2. The Cat Gallery
3. Christmas Angels
4. Roly's Fudge Pantry

It was Christmas Angels

Shutting down after 28 years of solid Chrimble celebrations, Christmas Angels was an eccentric highlight of the city centre and is very much missed. That said, another all-year-round Xmas extravaganza in the shape of Kathe Wohlfahrt remains a part of the York high street, if you ever feel the need to stock up on tinsel in July.

All 15 questions completed!

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Streetview then and now quiz

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