PureNet signs up for ultrafast internet

Super speedy… the PureNet team. Photograph: Jim Poyner
16 Jul 2013 @ 8.17 pm
| Business

York-based e-commerce and business marketing specialist PureNet is the first company in the city to upgrade to ultrafast pure fibre broadband with CityFibre.

By connecting to CityFibre’s just-launched Internet Leased Lines service, PureNet will see its broadband speed leap this summer from 10mbps to a gigabit per second thanks to the pure fibre connection. The company expects to improve efficiency and provide an enhanced service to its customers with this speed boost.

As a web-based company with the requirement to upload and download huge files on a daily basis, the dedicated gigabit speed service will significantly cut transfer and operating times.

“Reliable internet connectivity is of critical importance to PureNet, and when we discovered CityFibre’s new Internet Leased Lines service, we leapt at the chance to sign up with them and receive the best connectivity available,” said Ian Lawton, chief technical officer at PureNet.

“Our customers rely on communication with our servers and we constantly interact with other systems, so such a robust and high capacity broadband service will provide us with huge increases in productivity – unlike previous suppliers that just held us back.”

PureNet is based at York Business Park, Nether Poppleton, “a part of York notorious for its poor internet connectivity,” Ian said.

“Other businesses in the same building have even left because they could not put up with it any longer. Gigabit speeds have a significant impact on our business so, until now, we were required to implement costly alternatives. We look forward to delivering an even better, more cost effective service to our customers with pure fibre.”

CityFibre has already installed more than 68 miles of fibre infrastructure across York. Schools, council sites, police stations, CCTV locations, NHS sites, and Bytemark’s new datacentre are all benefiting from pure fibre connectivity.

Rob Hamlin, director of business development at CityFibre, said: “PureNet is an innovative business, recognised by the industry for the quality solutions that it provides to its customers, and we are proud to have them as a customer. Gigabit speeds provide huge benefits for the digital and technology industries, and we are pleased that we can support York in becoming a fantastic location for these businesses to thrive.

“With PureNet leading the way, we look forward to the word spreading and more businesses coming on board soon. We are proud of our ability to provide fast and flexible installations, which will enable other businesses in York to be quickly and easily connected.”