Police stop 36 cyclists for riding around York without lights at night

The message is clear: light up at night cyclists!
17 Nov 2015 @ 8.44 pm
| Crime, Transport

Thirty-six cyclists were stopped for riding around York without lights in one night by police.

The riders were issued with traffic offence reports at Bootham, Micklegate and Walmgate bars as part of a safety campaign.

Police officers and PCSOs, supported by volunteer Special Constables, took part in the clampdown on people cycling without lights on Monday night (November 16).

Videos and advice about cycle safety on the police website

The vast majority of cyclists seen by officers were correctly and safely using lights. But some were causing a danger to themselves and others by not lighting up.

Lights given out

A number of sets of emergency cycle lights and high-visibility rucksack covers were issued to some people who didn’t have lights.

This was done to enable them to carry on their journey safely – for example, to young people who would otherwise have had to walk a long distance home.

The lights and rucksack covers have been funded by City of York Council – part of a cycle safety campaign that ran for the first time last year.

Inspector Lee Pointon, of York Police, hailed the campaign a success. He said:

The operation was really well received, with many pedestrians stopping to make positive comments about the proactive campaign.

We will undertake further operations over the next few weeks, ensuring that we continue to have a direct and positive effect on the safety of people in the city.