‘Please help remove this wedding dress from my life – it reminds me of the liar I married!’

Jane on her wedding day, with her matron of honour and stepdaughter, who was flower girl
11 Oct 2017 @ 7.43 pm
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When Jane Tarren decided she no longer wanted to give her wedding dress house room, she chose to dispose of it in a very unusual way.

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She posted a photograph of it on Facebook with the words: “Please help me remove this Sontie wedding dress from my life.

“It does look stunning on, enough to distract you from the fact you’re marrying a compulsive liar…”

The York mum added: “All bad luck has been removed, as post separation the dress was cleaned. I know this because after dry cleaning I became happier and more confident realising what it was like to be treated well in a relationship.”

Her humorous approach won Jane lots of love – and has taken the story of her dress in a very different direction.

Reservations on the day

Jane’s parents and her sons with her on the big day

Jane told YorkMix she bought the dress from Curvy Bridal – “after several gowns this was the one for me”.

She had lost her mum and dad in the space of six months prior to her big day, so the theme was lilac – a favourite of both her parents.

“We even had them there on the day in a frame – it was emotional but healing for me,” she said.

Her two sons were by her side – one gave her away – and her stepdaughter was her flower girl.

She described the wedding at The Pavilion in Fulford as fantastic – but added: “To say I had reservations on the day wouldn’t be a lie, but also having got this far didn’t leave an option to back out.”

Phenomenal reaction

‘All bad luck has been removed…’ the dress itself

Jane and her husband were together for four years but married for only five months. Among the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship were “lies, alcohol and drugs”.

Then she had the idea for her unusual Facebook post – selling the £800 dress for a bargain £150 with the humour thrown in. “I thought, why not make something from a difficult situation?”

You don’t even need to be getting married to buy the dress – another line in her post said:

The dress would look great on many different occasions. It would look great while you’re washing the dishes or standing to catch a train.

Or even standing in line to do a name change because the name you took on makes you feel nauseous and filled with more regret than a one night stand you hand back in 2007!

“The reaction has been phenomenal,” Jane told us. “People have given me so much support wishing me well in my future life.

“I guess it doesn’t take much for people to realise that whilst it may be funny, underneath was heartache – but what a reaction!”

Charity appeal

Jane’s sons and stepdaughter

Now Jane has had another idea. She said there are women “who make gowns for babies who are born sleeping – in other words stillborn”.

And her dress is going to go to this group to make gowns for the babies.

Meanwhile, she has launched a crowdfunding appeal on JustGiving to raise £200.

“The money raised is to help these ladies overcome their loss,” Jane said – via a charity to be revealed when the total is reached.

Another view of the dress

Now she is in a new and much healthier relationship.

“My new relationship has been fantastic, although my guard is still up and will be for some time. To be emotionally and mentally put through hell isn’t an easy comeback.”

So is another wedding out of the question?

“Wedding bells are certainly not something I’m looking at for a long time,” Jane said.

“But if and when it happens it will be for all the right reasons. This time it’ll take someone special to put a ring on my finger.”