Pictures: Film crew shoot gangster movie in York

29 Jul 2019 @ 7.35 pm
| Entertainment

Another camera crew took to the streets of York today, this time shooting a gangster movie outside the Grand Hotel.

Mister Mayfair is the first in a trilogy, and its filming locations include Portugal and London as well as York.

On Monday (29 July) they were filming driving scenes outside the Grand which was doubling as London in the scene.

Mister Mayfair stars US actor Armand Assante, known for his roles in American Gangster and Judge Dredd.

His co-star is Primal Fear and Scarface actor Steven Bauer.

A multi-national co-production, Mister Mayfair will be distributed across six continents.

The movie tells the tale of Max Mitchell (Assante), a former mafia boss from New York who’s now living the good life in Mayfair, London, rubbing elbows with a glamorous crowd.

At 65, nothing can stop him — except the arrival of his previously unknown granddaughter, Barbara.

The production notes say:

  • In search of her last remaining relative, she slams into Max’s life like a freight train.

    Max is stunned to discover that he has a granddaughter, and is desperate to make up for lost time after learning that the daughter he never met died years ago.

Barbara is played by Soraya Torrens, from the TV series Hostages.