Pictures: Boat sinks in York river

3 Oct 2019 @ 4.15 pm
| News

Emergency services and environmental experts were called out when this boat sank in the River Foss.

The boat sank at around 9am this morning (3 October).

Police and fire crews were called out, alongside York Rescue Boat volunteers.

Once it was confirmed no one was on board the vessel or in danger they handed the incident over to the Environment Agency.

Little is left above the surface. Photograph: Fire station manager Bob Hoskins on Twitter
Photograph: Env Agency Yorks&NE on Twitter

The agency and erected a boom around the submerged boat in the Foss basin in York to contain any oil that may leak from it.

They tweeted: “The boat is not presenting a flood risk and its owners have been contacted to make arrangements for its removal.”

The boat’s owner Arron Stuart told the York Press that he would remove it from the river when levels fell.

Only then will he be able to find out why the 32ft twin engined diesel pleasure cruiser had gone down. He said there was little fuel in the tank so it shouldn’t cause much environmental damage.