Pictured: First half of York’s new bridge craned into place

The first half of the bridge is put in place. Photograph: Chris Playfair
24 Feb 2019 @ 8.03 pm
| Transport

These pictures show the moments when York’s new bridge began to take shape.

The images, by Chris Playfair, show the first half of the new Scarborough footbridge being installed overnight on Saturday to Sunday (23-24 February).

Running alongside the railway line, the bridge replaces one which carried more than 3,000 pedestrians and cyclists every day.

An already tricky operation is made more challenging by the difficulty of delivering such large materials to the site.

Brought in by road

The new section of bridge is brought in by road. Photograph: Chris Playfair

The bridge was brought in by road to Bootham level crossing on the Wigginton Road about 1.5. miles north of the River Ouse.

From there it was craned onto three flat bed wagons and transported to Scarborough junction, hauled by a rail road vehicle.

It was a challenging operation to deliver the materials. Photograph: Chris Playfair

The first half is complete. Photograph: Chris Playfair

The yellow Network Rail crane then lifted the bridge into position over the river.

A second installation is planned again for next weekend (2-3 March) where a similar operation will take place.

The old bridge was removed two weeks ago.