Parking should be free after 3pm in York, say councillors

Parking should be free in York after 3pm, say Conservative councillors.

Councillors Martin Rowley and Paul Doughty say the move would help businesses in the city centre.

And councillors will decide whether or not to support the plans at a full council meeting on Thursday.

Under the proposals, parking would be free after 3pm at all council car parks every day during January and February.

Cllr Rowley says businesses could be hard hit after Christmas but free parking could encourage residents to visit the city centre.

The motion says: “The scheme would be likely to see a fall in overall parking revenue receipts but this will actually be modest against falls suffered in lockdowns already this year.

“However it is not a zero sum game as the drop in revenue we now proactively enable will help save jobs, businesses and receipts like business rates.”

Much-needed support

Martin Rowley. Photograph: York Conservatives

Cllr Rowley added: “This motion is an excellent practical way that the council can give much needed support to shops, cafes and restaurants in the new year.

“These businesses have been ready to serve us throughout the year but through no fault of their own have seen significant drops in revenue.

“I hope that residents will support their local shops ahead of Christmas, however it is after Christmas when money is tight that we think Council should provide a boost for York residents to spend in town and they should be encouraged to support our excellent city and economy.”