Parenting in a pandemic is f**king hard! So says York family expert – but help is at hand

18 Feb 2021 @ 8.08 am
| Family

Parenting in a pandemic is f**king hard! That’s the reassuring message from family expert Mel Robinson.

That’s why she has organised a free online masterclass with that title, which takes place tonight (Thursday, 18 February) at 8pm.

“Right now, I’m hearing parents who have a range of feelings that are being triggered by their kids’ behaviour,” she said.

Mel Robinson

“’I’m taking my emotions out on my kids…’ ‘There’s just not enough time…’

“I get it!  That negative voice in your head telling you that you’re just not getting it right, over and over again.”

But looking after children, home schooling, trying to keep up with your work is tough.

At her online class “we will be working through some of the stumbling blocks we are all experiencing right now,” Mel said.

She will put forward some tools that parents can use to turn things around.

Mel is a a Conscious Connection Parenting Coach based in York, and has two daughters.

More on her website.