One of York’s favourite bars opens a pop-up beer shop

19 Feb 2021 @ 5.47 pm
| Food & drink

Fancy a beer this weekend? We know just the place.

A popular family-run bar, closed by the pandemic, has come up with a great way of diversifying trade – while reconnecting with some of its regulars.

Kennedy’s on Little Stonegate has opened a beer and burger shop.

Well known as a busy and bustling nightspot, serving great food and drink, Kennedys was hit particularly hard by the need for social distancing.

But its new business, the marvellously-titled Shandy Pants, allows people to buy great beer, wines and spirits both online and in person.

Kennedy’s general manager Tom Stubbs came up with the idea last year.

“Since the first lockdown I’ve been ordering lots of beer online,” he said.

“When I’m on my daily walk I’ll pop into a shop to top up my fridge collection. After a while I realised there’s really only one single place in York to be able to buy good craft beers.”

He decided the city needed more choice than that – and so Shandy Pants was born.

Coffee, burgers and more

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Combining Tom’s love for all things beer with Kennedy’s untouched restaurant space, Shandy Pants opened its doors last weekend.

And the pop-up beer shop will be open every weekend for the foreseeable future, from 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday.

“The store will have some of your favourite beers, wines and spirits. We will also be serving takeaway coffees and burgers! There will also be a selection of fine Spanish foods on offer from Sotano,” Tom says.

He describes the Shandy Pants range as “independent, eclectic and progressive”.

You can buy at any time via the online shop. But a weekend visit brings that added human connection.

Established in 2000, Kennedy’s has accumulated many regulars. The pop-shop means Tom and his team can catch-up with lots of familiar faces.

“It was such a nice feeling opening the doors again,” he said. “The feedback we had for the shop was excellent and I can’t wait to open up again this weekend!”

Food and drink choice

Here’s a small selection of what beers are on offer, including the most popular, Belgian Pêche Mel’ Bush:

Kennedy’s is well know for its mega burger creations, and now you can take them away.

Tom said: “Shoestring start up business Fat Moo are running our kitchen at the moment, pumping out some big juicy burgers, made to order!”

Kennedy’s sister restaurant, Sotano, have also prepared cured meats, cheeses and tapas. And it this isn’t enough, hot chocolate and Illy coffee are also available for takeaway.

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And as well as the beers, there are plenty of wines, a selection of fruity and dry gins, and plenty of other spirits to make your much loved cocktails at home.

When we emerge from lockdown, Tom hopes that Shandy Pants’ online store will remain.

“With the work put into it, word getting round and sales picking up, it would be a shame to not continue it,” he said.