One of York’s best-loved sandwich shops – home to ‘legendary’ lunches – sells up and shuts down

2 Feb 2021 @ 7.35 am
| News

According to its many happy customers, it sold ‘the best sandwich in town’ and served up amazing salad boxes.

But these have now passed into lunchtime legend, as Krusties will not reopen.

After many months hoping to battle on, the sandwich bar on Patrick Pool has been defeated by a pandemic which saw most of its customers desert the city centre to work from home.

Krusties owner Camelia Andrei told YorkMix: “Unfortunately we had to close the shop. It was not only a sandwich shop, it was an institution in the city centre.”

She said they tried to open last summer after the first lockdown.

It meant going on Just Eat, who they had to pay “35% commission on prices which were already a bargain. We had days of taking only £80, with a maximum of £120 – there was no way to cover the costs.”

No financial help

Krusties on Patrick Pool. Photograph: YorkMix

Krusties couldn’t access any financial help either.

“We couldn’t claim any grants because it was apparently ‘our choice’ to keep the shop, which is classified as a takeaway, closed.

“So, today I’m still paying the rent from my pocket trying to understand if I can be eligible for the grant which allows businesses who lost at least 70% of trade to get some help.

“Gutted about it and also for not having access of any help from the government.”

News of the closure dismayed Krusties’ customers. “The salad boxes were amazing, as was the limited edition chicken sandwich which had maple syrup in it! Such a shame you’ve had to close,” said one.

Another said they were “absolutely gutted! Your pulled pork baguette with everything on it was THE best sandwich in town.”

The business is selling up its fixtures and fittings here.

Camelia said they had a plan B and hoped to open a new venture in York in the autumn.