New robes bought for Lord Mayor of York at a cost of £10K

A new set of robes has been brought for the Lord Mayor of York – at a cost of £10,000.

The black and gold outfit is similar to the previous design but a York crest has also been added to the updated ceremonial clothing, according to a City of York Council spokeswoman.

The new robes were purchased because the old set had become damaged.

A council spokeswoman said:

  • The Lord Mayor of York provides an important civic function here in York and to reflect the significance of the office, a new set of robes were bought for £10,000 in October 2018.

    The previous Lord Mayor’s robes had been worn on numerous occasions, in order to represent and promote the City of York and to support the Lord Mayor’s charities.

    However, due to years of normal wear and tear, they became damaged and beyond repair.

    The new robes are made with hard-wearing, more modern materials to allow easier repair and cleaning, and will reduce maintenance costs over the long-term.

Donations of £7K

York Mansion House. Photograph: YorkMix
The council put £3,000 towards the new robes and other organisations donated a further £7,000.

The cost does not include the mayoral tricorn hat or chains, which the spokeswoman said are currently in good condition and not presently in need of repair.

She added: “A new display case for the civic mace was paid for by charitable donations and City of York Council, as part of the Mansion House’s restoration project.”

The current Lord Mayor of York is Cllr Keith Orrell. The Lord Mayor is chairman of City of York Council and the first citizen of the city.

The role is appointed in May each year by the council.

The Lord Mayor hosts functions at the Mansion House, which is also their residence during their year in office.

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