New plan to build homes behind York pub

Fresh plans have been submitted to build two homes behind a pub – despite a previous planning application being thrown out by councillors.

The scheme would see two new homes built behind the Lord Nelson pub in Nether Poppleton.

A previous application was rejected in September 2020.

The plans were refused because the properties would be too prominent and visible from outside the site, harming the Nether Poppleton conservation are and the setting of Grade II-listed Poppleton House, according to City of York Council.

The houses would be built behind the Lord Nelson pub in Nether Poppleton. Photograph © Google Street View

But the homes have been redesigned in the latest application. The first home would be a two-storey four bedroom house, with part of the building 1.5 storeys high. The second would be a single storey four bedroom house.

A spokesperson for developer Act York Ltd says: “The visual impact of the single storey building to surrounding neighbouring properties is negligible, barely rising above the height of the existing established boundary hedgerows.

“The design and positioning of the two new dwellings has been given considerable scrutiny and care.

“The resulting sustainable development is thoughtful but imaginative and creates two new houses of the highest quality design, reinforcing and enhancing the conservation area and respective of existing properties.”

Image: planning documents

According to a statement, the fresh plans would see the two-storey home built in the lower northern part of the site. The single storey home planned for the south of the site would have a planted Sedum roof and ” draws little attention from outside the site due to limited visibility of the dwelling from views into the site”.

It adds: “The assessment of impact has concluded negligible harm to the significance of the Nether Poppleton Conservation Area and what we consider to be at the lower end of less than substantial harm to the setting of the Grade II-listed Poppleton House.”

View the application here.