New flood warnings issued in York

3 Nov 2020 @ 2.28 am
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Flood warnings have now been issued in York following heavy rain across North Yorkshire.

This is the next level of warning after flood alerts were put out last night (Monday).

It covers the River Ouse from Linton Lock down to Naburn.

River Ouse rising

The Foss Barrier has been operated. Photo – @EnvAgencyYNE

The Environment Agency said early this morning (Tuesday) that the flood warning was due to the River Ouse rising after heavy rainfall in the Dales catchments.

“Water levels have been rising all night. We currently expect that to continue through Tuesday (03/11/20), with the potential for levels to reach 4 metres or more on Wednesday.”

In the city the areas most at risk are the areas around Kings and Queen Staith as well as St Georges Field. Please avoid the paths alongside the river here and at Linton and Naburn.

Some roads may be affected too.

Incident response staff are working 24/7 checking defences and monitoring the forecasts.

The Foss Barrier is closed protecting properties upstream. No further significant rainfall is expected for the next 24 hours.

Flood warnings mean – Act now

Image of flood warning symbol
  • turn off gas, water and electricity
  • move things upstairs or to safety
  • move family, pets and car to safety

North Yorkshire rescue

Yesterday there were a number of incident across North Yorkshire where people got stuck in flood water and police have once again urged you to stay away from areas that are flooded either on foot or in vehicles.

A woman was stuck inside her vehicle in flood water at Cattal. Firefighers had to entered the water to rescue her.

Fire Crews from Ripon and Northallerton responded to reports of a car stuck in flood water in Morton on Swale. There they found a small mini, headlight deep in water. The driver wasn’t hurt.