Naked cleaner for hire! York man’s cheeky enterprise is a hit

One of Jam's notices spotted in Bishophill, York
4 Oct 2018 @ 7.14 pm
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How would you like someone to buff up your place – in the buff?

Well we know just the man. Because enterprising York entrepreneur Colin ‘Jam’ James has set himself up as the Naked Cleaner.

And he’s in demand from people young and old.

People “from bored housewives to groups of students who want to make cleaning fun” are hiring out this very specialist service.

And he’s looking to expand – if you fancy the work…

‘Being naked is liberating’

One of Jam’s publicity photos for the service
Jam, 30, from Acomb, has worked in construction, retail and landscape gardening before hitting on this idea.

Hire the Naked Cleaner

“I have no problem being naked, and I like the feeling of freedom,” he said.

“I do all sorts of cleaning work, as well as handyman tasks and even gardening – if you have a secluded garden or friendly neighbours.”

We grilled Jam on his unusual job.

Is it just you in the business?
Just me at the moment – but I hope to expand – so get in touch!

How do you advertise your business?
Online initially, now mainly by word of mouth.

What sort of people have hired you?
All sorts! From bored housewives to groups of students who want to make cleaning fun.

How much do you charge?
It depends on the work and location, but from £25 an hour.

Do you wear anything at all?
Only on the way to work!

How far do you travel for the work?
Most of the York area is within my reach.

What is the best thing about the job?
Being naked is liberating – and being paid to be liberated is a pretty good deal.

What are the big challenges?
Not getting covered in bleach is always a challenge!

Have you cleaned for a crowd?
Several times, for groups of students to the post-bridge entertainment for the older generation.

What sort of response have you had?
Most people find it very amusing, and like the service.

How busy are you?
Several clients a day on average – so can’t complain.

What do your friends and family think?
They are all open-minded so find it very amusing.

How do you see the business growing?
I would like to get more cleaners involved – male and female – and expand into neighbouring areas.