Movie review: The Heat

Playing it for laughs: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat
29 Jul 2013 @ 9.44 pm
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Playing it for laughs: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat
Playing it for laughs: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

Review: The Heat
Rating: Cert 15, 117 mins

The Heat is the latest comedy down the line from director Paul Feig, last heard from on the big screen with the worldwide smash hit Bridesmaids. It also marks a return to comedy for star Sandra Bullock for the first time since Miss Congeniality 2 in 2005 (the less said about All About Steve the better).

Bullock is teamed with one of my favourite actresses at the moment, Melissa McCarthy (Mike & Molly, Bridesmaids) in a mismatched buddy cop scenario. Bullock plays the über straight-laced FBI agent sent to catch a Boston drug kingpin, while McCarthy continues her run of playing obnoxious characters in films as an unconventional but committed city detective.

What follows is a pretty by-the-book cop comedy – the two partners start off hating each other, but develop a grudging respect during the case.

The fact that The Heat is a straightforward, no real surprises type of action comedy should not be classed as a criticism. It manages to be heartfelt, violent, incredibly foul mouthed and yet also very funny.

There are great laughs to be had from both leads performances. McCarthy is excellent, totally un-self-conscious, playing Mullins as a dedicated but terrifying cop who terrifies every colleague (including a lovely cameo from the former Biff Tannen, Thomas F. Wilson).

Bullock on the other hand plays on her recent serious roles to let loose some excellent physical comedy.

It is also nice to see Michael Rapaport (as McCarthy’s brother) and Jane Curtin back on the big screen but it is even nicer to see Marlon Wayans actually acting, instead of slumming it in the Scary Movie franchise.

If you like explosions and fights, they are in there. If you like hearing people use atrocious language, you’re in luck. McCarthy and Bullock have great chemistry, but for me the biggest selling point is seeing a comedy which is… actually funny!

You know how there are “films”, and there are “movies”? This is most definitely a movie. The Heat is an easy going, fun couple of hours – turn off your brain and enjoy the ride!


The Heat, Cert 15, 117 mins, opens on Wednesday, July 31 at The Vue, York, and Reel Cinema, York