Meet the Poopinator! Machine clean ups after geese

Could this be the ultimate pooper scooper? Cllr Nigel Ayre with the new device. Photographs; City of York Council
16 Aug 2016 @ 8.28 pm
| Environment

Rowntree Park has many wonderful activities: a playground, tennis courts and a skate park among them.

But the one we could all do without is the goose poo slide.

For years geese have roamed free in the park. And as their numbers grew, so did the problem they left behind.

Now City of York Council is trialling different ways to tackle the problem – including this bit of kit.

The trailer collects goose droppings by breaking up and sweeping the mess into a large ‘catcher’. Attached to one of these small vehicles it is capable of cleaning an acre of land in 24 minutes.

In a recent trial 70% of what was collected by what we’ve decided to call ‘the poopinator’ was from geese, with around 30% as grass and leaves.

Not side-stepping

This bit of kit can clear an acre of land in 24 minutes
This bit of kit can clear an acre of land in 24 minutes

Cllr Nigel Ayre, executive member for culture, leisure and tourism, said:

Rather than side-stepping the issue we’ve started testing a number of serious options to make our parks and open spaces more pleasant environments.

We know this issue isn’t going to go away overnight and we are looking at long-term solutions, but this equipment could be a good short-term solution.

Other trials and initiatives include

  • appropriate fencing to protect flower beds and lawns
  • discouraging geese by ultrasound audio
  • investigating safe chemicals for geese mess dispersal
  • and increasing and renewing signage in public parks and open spaces to remind the public not to feed the geese.

Fore more info on the plans take a gander at the agenda pack for this City of York Council meeting here.