Map of York’s lifestyle habits reveals how long we can expect to stay healthy

28 Jun 2017 @ 7.57 pm
| Health

We all know we’re living longer – but how long will we stay healthy?

We now have a much better idea of how many years of good health we can expect – after the government’s official facts-and-figures people did some number crunching.

The Office For National Statistics has just created an interactive guide to the health of different cities.

And it makes for interesting reading for us York residents.

An active bunch

Cycling past the Minster on the 2015 Sky Ride. Photograph: YorkMix

We can be a little bit smug. According to the ONS:

York was the most active area in England, with nearly 70% of adults meeting the exercise guideline.

And that has an impact on our ‘healthy life expectancy’ – how many years of good health we enjoy on average.

Unusually men have a longer ‘healthy life expectancy’ than women in York – but only just.

Healthy life expectancy is 65.9 years for York’s men and 65.7 years for women.

That puts us ahead of the English average of 63.4 years for men and 64.1 years for women.

Map showing the factors affecting life expectancy in York. Image: Office For National Statistics

Eating, drinking and smoking

Photo by Stas Svechnikov on Unsplash

We have fewer smokers than average – 14.6% as opposed to 16.9%.

And we do better than most at eating our five-a-day. Altogether 57.8% of York residents munch enough fruit and veg, compared to the English average of 52.3%.

What about booze?

Well it seems we have less to be cheerful about here. The number of York people admitted to hospital with alcohol-related conditions is 633.8.

That is almost the same as the national average of 634.7.