Wednesday’s figures show another rise in coronavirus cases in both York and North Yorkshire

Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

There are three more confirmed coronavirus cases in York, figures today revealed (Wednesday, 1 April).

That means the city’s number of known cases has risen from 32 to 35.

There has also been a rise in the confirmed cases in North Yorkshire, from 122 to 149.

Here are some of the key figures (yesterday’s number in brackets).

  • Total UK cases: 29,474 (25,150)
  • Daily confirmed UK cases: 4,324 (3,009)
  • Total UK deaths: 2,352 (1,789)
  • Confirmed cases in York: 35 (32)
  • Confirmed cases in North Yorkshire: 149 (122)
  • Confirmed cases in East Yorkshire: 46 (38)

Earlier we reported that there were three more coronavirus deaths in the York NHS Trust.

Meanwhile a York infections expert has called on the government to commandeer labs up and down the country to ramp up testing for Covid-19.