Wednesday update: The York coronavirus story – in three charts

Photograph: YorkMix

These three charts graphically reveal York’s coronavirus story so far.

They show, since March, the number of cases confirmed in the City of York Council area – both day by day and in total.

The daily chart shows Britain’s very first case – confirmed in York on 30 January – then a handful of cases through March to the peak in April and May.

Hover over each date and the full data is revealed.

The cumulative total, showing all the cases added together, reveals the sudden sharp upturn in coronavirus in the city – and then a levelling off in June.

And this is the chart of the number of coronavirus-related deaths within York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – that’s York and Scarborough hospitals.

Thankfully there haven’t been any reported fatalities since 18 June.

Today no more coronavirus cases were reported in York (Wednesday, 29 July).

That leaves the total cumulative figure at 923.

Similarly there were no new cases in North Yorkshire, leaving the total at 2,562.

There are no more coronavirus related deaths reported by York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – the total remains at 214.

The total includes 134 in York Hospital and 80 in Scarborough.

Here are the updated figures (yesterday’s numbers in brackets):

  • Total lab confirmed UK cases: 301,455 (300,692)
  • Daily lab confirmed UK cases: 763 (581)
  • Total number UK deaths: 45,961 (45,878)
  • Daily UK deaths: 83 (119)
  • Confirmed cases in York: 923 (923)
  • Confirmed cases in North Yorkshire: 2,562 (2,562)
  • Confirmed cases in East Yorkshire: 1,653 (1,652)