‘We must remain vigilant, and further drive down the virus’ – York’s public health director

Sharon Stoltz, Director for Public Health at City of York Council. Photograph: City of York Council

Sharon Stoltz, Director for Public Health at City of York Council said: “As a city, we have been fantastic at slowing the spread, with local contact tracing and everyone in the city doing their bit.

“Whilst we were hopeful that this would mean we would be in the lowest level of restrictions, the restrictions can help us further drive down the virus.

“A city-wide effort has resulted in us slowing the spread of the virus but we know from experience and other areas of the country that this virus can spread quickly.

“Whilst we hope we will move to the lowest restrictions possible soon, these measures will help further reduce the number of cases and it is vital we all follow them.

“We must remain vigilant and practice hands, face, space and self-isolate when necessary.

“This has been a challenging time for everyone and we are proud of the city showing its resilience once again. With potential vaccines progressing there is hope, however we all have a role to play before we get to that point. Please stay safe and let’s keep going.”