Video: Rachael Maskell reacts to the exit poll

The exit poll is predicting a thumping 86 seat majority for the Conservatives.

Rachael Maskell, the Labour candidate for York Central, says it looks like a bad day for the Labour Party.

She said a Conservative government wasn’t going to address the problems facing York.

  • I’ll continue, as I have been doing over the past four and a half years fighting for the people of this city, making sure that they have a real voice in their futures and the future of politics.

    And within the Labour Party I’ll make sure their voice is amplified, but also within Parliament.

Did the exit poll surprise her? “Obviously for quite some time I’ve been worried by the impact of populism and the way that’s been playing, and the media messaging as well.”

What does she feel about Jeremy Corbyn’s position as leader?

  • I don’t think any rash decisions should be taken. What’s really important is to do the analysis first.

    But clearly if we are as a party going to move into a new era we’re going to have to think who is the right person to take us into that era.

    I don’t want to make any speculations tonight, I don’t think that’s appropriate. But we’ve got to get this right.