Video: Keith Aspden – People felt revoke policy ‘didn’t give them a chance to engage in debate’

City of York Council leader and Liberal Democrat candidate for York Outer Keith Aspden has given his first reaction of the unfolding election results.

He said it was pretty clear that we were heading for a “pretty big Conservative majority”.

“For me that means the Conservatives have an awful lot to live up to, particularly for investment in places like York, Yorkshire and the North.”

He said the exit polls were showing the Lib Dems gaining one seat and an increase in their share of the vote – “it’s a step forward”.

Was the policy commitment to revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit a mistake?

  • On the doorstep a lot of people were saying they felt that simply saying we would revoke didn’t give people an opportunity to engage in that debate.

    Of course that policy was only if we got a majority government, and of course we were not going to get a majority government. We always were campaigning for a people’s vote to remain.

On the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson he noted that she was in danger of losing her Dunbartonshire East seat.

  • For any new Liberal Democrat leader it invariably takes quite a few elections for them to establish themselves.