Video: Julian Sturdy – ‘I’ve got a big smile on my face’

Conservative Julian Sturdy, fighting to retain his York Outer seat, has told YorkMix of his reaction to the exit poll, predicting a healthy Conservative majority.

He said:

  • I’ve got a big smile on my face. Early days I would say, but at the moment the first few results we’ve seen come in – Blyth Valley as one that’s just swung our way which is fantastic news, and looking about a ten per cent swing from Labour – if that continues through the night then the exit polls are going to be about spot on.


He said Brexit was a key issue – people wanting to get Brexit over had come up on the doorstep.

“And Boris Johnson has cut through parts of the north where, previous Conservative leaders haven’t”.

In the campaign for York Outer, Mr Sturdy said:

  • Certainly early on the Lib Dems have pushed hard – they’ve put a lot of literature through the letterboxes – those residents of York Outer will be nodding in agreement I’m sure of that.

    But what I found most striking – and what we’ve tried to do in our campaign is make sure we’re out on the doorstep talking to people.