University of York cancels exams, moves teaching online

University of York vice-chancellor Charlie Jeffery

The University of York has made radical changes to its summer term plans in response to coronavirus.

First year exams are cancelled and all teaching is moving online.

A university spokesperson told Minster FM:

  • All teaching from the start of the summer term on Tuesday 14 April will move to online provision.

    All examinations and assessments for the remainder of this academic year will move online. All first-year examinations will be cancelled.

    We are committed to ensuring the validity of our assessments, as well as protecting our students. The health and wellbeing of our staff and students is our main priority.

In an email to students, uni vice chancellor Prof Charlie Jeffery said: “It would be irresponsible to continue with examinations that rely on large numbers of students physically gathering together to sit exams or take assessments.

“Therefore in line with most universities in the UK we have decided that exams scheduled for April/May will not be undertaken in the normal way in large exam halls on campus.”