This is all the Lib Dem literature delivered to a single York Outer home

The Liberal Democrats bumf delivered to a single Huntington home

At this election, the Liberal Democrats have pledged to plant 60 million trees a year.

That might just about cover the number of trees they are using up to print their election literature.

Pictured above is all the campaign bumf from the Lib Dems sent to one home in York Outer since the campaign began.

There are 13 separate missives, from fully-fledged newspapers to the same letter from candidate Keith Aspden, sent separately to the three adults registered at that address in Huntington.

By contrast Labour and the Conservatives have each posted one leaflet through the letterbox.

The householder told YorkMix:

  • It’s relentless. Every evening I come home to another sight of Keith Aspden or Jo Swinson sitting on my doormat.

    Do they think I’ve suffered from some sort of short-term memory loss – that I can’t remember that they told me about ‘Building A Brighter Future’ yesterday, and the day before that?

    At least it’s keeping me fit – all those trips from the front door to the recycling bin out back.

And there’s still nearly a week to go…