Thinking of taking a dip in a lake or river?


North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have given this advice over swimming in rivers and lakes during the heatwave alert (and indeed at all other times)

The River Ouse near Naburn Hall. Photograph: YorkMix

“We won’t be telling you not to go into the water, that is completely your decision, but we do want you to consider a couple of things before you do.” Says Group Manager Bob Hoskins.


“Many people enjoy a drink when the weather is warm, but even just one drink can impair your judgement, even if you don’t feel drunk.

“Please don’t enter the water if you have had a drink”

Peer pressure

“Don’t encourage others to jump into the water – you don’t know their swimming ability and you certainly don’t know potential dangers underneath the water.

“When arriving at your chosen spot, have a look around for life saving equipment – we hope you don’t need to use it, but if you do, every second will count.

“Know who to call in the event of an emergency and don’t delay in doing so – remember it is always 999, and if you are by the coast, it is the Coastguard and if you are inland, it is us.

“Download and know how to use What3Words – this is a fantastic app which will help us find you in the event of an emergency… you could even make a note of your location’s three words when you arrive, just in case.

“Don’t enter the water to attempt a rescue – waters have hidden dangers which we spend hours training to deal with, leave this to us.”