These are the steps City of York Council are taking

The hearing was held at City of York Council HQ. Photograph: YorkMix

Council leader Keith Aspden urged the city to come together to tackle Covid-19 and keep everyone safe.

“By working together, with partners across the region, emergency planners and our communities, we can support those who are most at risk – those with underlying health conditions, over 70 years old, or who are isolated and facing weeks on their own,” he said.

Cllr Aspden went on:

  • As a city, we must find our resolve and do everything we can to support those who need our help the most.

    We know that many people across the city have already offered to help and we welcome this public spirited approach. Strong communities are at the very heart of what makes York such a great city.

York is to introduce a structured and safe approach to volunteering, with details to follow.

The council is taking the following steps:

  • Services continue as normal, with business continuity plans in place to help manage staff absences. This includes supporting staff take a measured approach to working from home to keep the council running
  • We will issue updated guidance to staff and members
  • We are looking at ways to reflect the current government advice across the democratic meeting schedule, following any required legislative changes
  • We will consider how to best support the public access West Offices for those services that can’t be delivered remotely. Guidance will follow in the next few days
  • We will review all meetings to determine which are essential and which can be postponed