Question 6: What cabaret act would you do?

What act would you perform in the Bootham School cabaret on Friday if you won the election?

James Blanchard: I would do a song and dance routine based on Guy Fawkes to emphasise the need for more honesty in politics

Andrew Dunn: Considering the SDP have virtually no chance of winning, I think it would have to be a magic act!

Tom Franklin: The only cabaret I ever did was a fund raising version of The Full Monty – and I did a strip!

Rachael Maskell: Our spirits are going to be so high that we are going to have a collective sing to celebrate a Labour victory together. The Red Flag of course

Andrew Snedden: I’d have to do a one-man show of the Four Yorkshireman in an Australian accent.

Nicholas Szkiler: I used to be a DJ – but would quote some poetry about being a moth (which he did impressively from memory).

Fabia Tate: I have learned to stilt walk and fire juggle but I wouldn’t do both at the same time because it would be dangerous.