Question 3: What are the most important local issues?

What are the local issues for York in this election?

Nicholas Skilzer: Transportation. I go to old cities like ours who have solved it with things like trams so there’s no need to bring your car into the centre. We need to unblock the arteries of the city.

Tom Franklin: We’re losing a lot of jobs, seeing places replaced by hotels, lots of low-paid, zero hours jobs. We need to bring in better jobs, and not just low-paying tourism. How can we have tourists have a more interesting and vital experience, rather than more and more tourists? Mental health provision is poor. And the climate emergency, we are a very low-lying town, most of York is under 10m and will be underwater. We need to solve this problem.

James Blanchard: We need someone to go to Westminster and fight for the money for local schools, to bring our transport system up to scratch, and for health. York Hospital is being run down compared to the big hospitals in Leeds and Middlesbrough. To solve the mental health crisis – that means spending a lot of money, and that’s why we will put a penny on income tax.

Rachael Maskell: The biggest issue is housing. Our social housing stock is being depleted. We have an ambitious programme to build council housing for sale and for rent. I’ve seen families squashed in a single boxroom in York. Also we’ve got to get upstream with the investment, particularly on public health – making sure people stay well for longer. That means investing in youth services. And we need a comprehensive economic strategy for York.

Andrew Snedden: “We want to put a Yorkshire Assembly in York. Somewhere near Clifford’s Tower would be nice.” If we had control of our budgets, local people could spend it wisely where it needs to be spent here. We need to sort out the main traffic arteries, and vehicular access down near the hospital – that’s a nightmare, I live near there. We have this fantastic ancient city centre – if this was France we wouldn’t have vehicles going down there.

Andrew Dunn: Giving mental health the same status as physical health. Tackling homelessness. Some of these things are about getting the national money to deal with it.

Fabia Tate: There are 500 houses in York that haven’t been lived in, they may be second houses. Let’s address that on a local level and stop these spaces being empty. We have some of the highest educated people in York working in Leeds. We have to attract businesses so people from Leeds come to work in York. I would like the city to lead the way on green public transport. We’ve got the Uber software technology, I don’t know why we’re not pushing that into public transport.