Question 1: Isn’t a second referendum the most democratic thing to do?

This comes from a member of the Bootham School lower sixth. He asks if misinformation in the referendum campaign means a second referendum is necessary.

Fabia Tate: “We need to get Brexit done. There was misinformation on all sides.” She is against a second referendum.

Tom Franklin: “There was serious fraud in the Brexit campaign, so much so that a judge said he would have declared it void.” A second referendum is the only fair way to sort this out.

Nichoals Szkiler: “What was really wanted was reform, because the European Union is seriously undemocratic… The question we were given was simple enough… the decision of the people was to leave.”

James Blanchard quotes former Brexit Secretary David Davis who said if a democracy can’t change its mind, then it’s not a democracy. “We were told we would have the easiest trade deal because we hold all the cards – where is this easy trade deal?”

“This general election has been called because the Prime Minister thinks you’ve changed your minds since 2017. But you can’t possibly have changed your mind since 2016. It’s madness.”

Rachael Maskell begins by asking why the Prime Minister won’t reveal the report on alleged Russian interference in the previous election. “What has he got to hide?”

Brexit would make York poorer, she says, and she’s not going to vote for that. “I will campaign for Remain… our future is best in Europe.”

Andrew Snedden: “I voted remain but we must go… Brexit is as much about social unfairness and the third of our population who have been left behind for decades.”

Cameron “was an idiot” for the referendum. Overturning the vote would be “a disaster for democracy”.

Andrew Dunn: “It is absolutely outrageous that people aren’t respecting a democratic referendum… People in this country have never had a majority for seeing themselves as European citizens,” he said.