Mixed messages for Press readers on the Lib Dems’ campaign

There are mixed messages about the Liberal Democrats in the York Press today.

A story headlined Fury over Lib Dem leaflets with ‘misleading’ polls was published on the newspaper’s website – while surrounded by an advert to ‘Build A Brighter Future – Vote Liberal Democrat’.

The Press report says some residents are angered by claims in Lib Dem election literature that “it is a simple fact that the Labour Party aren’t going to win in York Outer. It is going to be a close battle between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives”.

Considering the Lib Dems came a poor third in 2017, with Labour in second place to Conservative Julian Sturdy, this is “royally misleading” says one.

And yet this claim is repeated all over the front page of the, ahem, York Press today:

The paid-for wraparound in the print edition

All very confusing…