Meet some of York High School’s GCSE stars

Here are some of the Year 11 high fliers from York High School this year.

“We are delighted to celebrate success in our English results this year at York High School.  Well done to Keeley Ward for her 9 in language and 8 in literature.  Congratulations to Dominika Lipska, Amy Knutton, Jade Maxwell-Allen and Aimee Robinson for their superb 8s.

“‘We are so pleased with our results, students and staff worked tirelessly to continuously improve throughout the year,’ – Mrs Young, head of English.”

“Well done to Harriet Linsey-Bessent and George Wilkins for their grade 8s in maths. Mr Byrne the head of Maths, said: ‘This is a great set of results from a great set of students.  We are delighted with the high grades but this year we have seen some exceptional performances from all.

“‘Kayden Mahoney and Ambar Bispo De Souza performed superbly in achieving their grade 5s. Across the board we have seen hard work and good attendance rewarded.'”

“15 Grade 9s for the humanities department at YHS this year continuing the outstanding performance of the department in recent years. History continues to excel and MFL gets stronger year on year. Geography has shown significant improvement and along with History is achieving results way above the national average.  

“Religious studies deserves significant praise for the 8 grade 9s achieved under the leadership of Mr Bower.  Congratulations to Isabel Allman, Olivia Bielby, Ruby Long, Jade Maxwell-Allen, Amy Knutton, Ruby Rollinson, Ellie Smith and Emily Ward.  

“I am proud of all of the exceptional team of teachers in humanities, they are are brilliant individually but exceptional as a team.”

“Mrs Nicholas was over the moon at the child development results with the following students achieving Level 2 Distinction star (the highest grade possible): Shannon Burns, Amy Knutton, Evie Lytham, Ruby Mason, Katie Pemberton, Ellie Smith and Nicole Smith

“Mrs Nicholas said: ‘Well done to all who studied child development and health and social care this year and a special mention to Leila Weck who achieved a Level 2 Distinction star in health and social care.”