‘Looking after our health has never been more important’

Mixie the Monster is joining in

It’s #steptember and we are teaming up with Selby High School to lead another fantastic Community challenge. This time virtually travelling the landmarks of North Yorkshire, we’ve got six weeks on this challenge, let’s see how far we can go.

Everyone is welcome to join in, so join us, we want you!

There will be weekly prizes & special mentions for individuals, families and schools. Tune in on a Monday morning to YorkMix Radio as the weekly winners will be announced.

YorkMix Radio will also be taking Mixie The Monster to some of the schools taking part for a walk around the field!

Fresh air and exercise definitely eases those #BackToSchool nerves & anxiety.

“Looking after our mental and physical health has never been more important, so having goals, being part of a team and getting active is important and the darker nights approach,” said YorkMix Radio’s Victoria Charles.

To Join in you can manually send your miles as an individual or register your school via [email protected].