Joseph Rowntree School: ‘We are incredibly proud of the class of 2021’

Joseph Rowntree School head Dave Hewitt

They are celebrating at Joseph Rowntree School in York.

Head teacher Dave Hewitt said: “We are all absolutely delighted with the outcomes of students in the class of 2021.  

“Their commitment to their studies despite the obvious significant challenges that the period between March 2020 and now has really paid off.  

“We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students this year as we know how difficult it has been for so many students and their families over the last 18 months. The class of 2021 have been a credit to the school, themselves and their families.”

Outstanding attainment was achieved across the full range of subjects offered, with the following students achieving multiple top grades.

Ben Coleman, director of sixth form added “We are delighted with the achievements of all of our students from the Class of 2021.  

“They have worked incredibly hard in lessons, engaged brilliantly with our remote learning and live lessons during lockdowns and self isolation and taken a really mature approach to their education throughout their time in Sixth Form.  

“We are especially proud of the way that these students have managed to not only perform so well academically but also maintain quality relationships with their peers, make great use of Google Classroom to support their progress whilst working at home and work in new ways to enable staff to teach, assess and provide feedback even when working from home.”