Joseph Rowntree School: Amazing individual A level achievements

Outstanding attainment was achieved across a wide range of subjects by Joseph Rowntree School A level students.

The following students achieving multiple top grades:

  • Samuel Baskeyfield with A*A*A* in English Language, English Literature and Drama who will go on to Liverpool to read English Language and Communication
  • Mia Dale achieved A*A*A* in English Language, English Literature and Psychology, Mia goes on to Newcastle to read English Literature
  • Heidi Fletcher has obtained A*A*A* in Fine Art, Biology and History, Heidi is taking a gap year before heading to university in 2022
  • Rebecca Ingall achieved A*A*A* in English Literature, Sociology and Psychology and goes on to study Law at Manchester
  • Amira Knight has obtained A*A*A* in Biology, Psychology and Sociology and goes on to read Psychology at Manchester
  • Sophie Minni achieved A*A*Distinction* in Biology, Sociology and Health and Social Care and is heading to Manchester to study Child Nursing
  • Fynlay Whittaker achieved A*A*A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and will be going to Warwick to study Mathematics
  • Aedan Evans in year 14 completed his A level in Mathematics to an A* standard, which he adds to his A*A*A* outcomes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics from 2020, Aedan is going to study Chemical Engineering at Birmingham

Additionally, the following students also achieved multiple top grades across their subjects.

  • A*A*A outcomes for Eve Hutton and Anna Lindberg-Newby
  • A*AA outcomes for Francesca Hume, Matthew Burchell, Callum Reeson, Isobel Mountain, Huw Croxen-John and Emile Wood-Saanaoui
  • Sam Gough achieved A*AAB having kept four A levels throughout the duration of his courses.

The following students achieved AAA in three A levels; Bradley Bell, Olivia Crowley, Holly Davies and Penny Smith.