Huntington School: ‘Our students have shown incredible resilience – they have been rewarded with some tremendous grades’

All smiles at Huntington School.

Headteacher John Tomsett is very proud of the Year 11s at Huntington School.

He said, “This has been an extraordinary year for our Year 11 students and they have shown incredible resilience amidst such uncertainty. They have been rewarded with some tremendous GCSE grades.

“We ran full examinations in the Sports Hall in April & May. We have 240 Year 11 students who sat an average of 8 examinations each. That is 1,920 papers and not one student missed a single exam. That is remarkable. It means that the truly great results our students received today are thoroughly deserved and based on solid evidence. 

“Amongst so many stand out performances, Samuel Field-Gibson attained eleven grade 9s and two grade 8s and Alexandra Bonfield attained ten grade 9s and three grade 8s.   

“What all our young people need to do now is look to the future and commit themselves to whatever career pathway they choose.

They have shown they have all the tenacity and drive required to be successful in a world beyond the pandemic. I am very proud of our students. They have been magnificent.”