Huntington School: Excellent results in an extraordinary year

Huntington School students with their results

Year 13 at Huntington School have earned their excellent results, staff said.

“I am delighted for our students in this extraordinary year that so many of them have attained results which allow them to take the next step in their lives, whether that be into employment or onto university,” director of sixth form Chris Hardwell.

Head John Tomsett said:

  • Our young people have earned these excellent results after 13 years of hard work in schools.

    The fact that the last three months of their school career were interrupted by the pandemic is immaterial to me.

    It has been a tough, uncertain time for many of us. I just want our students to begin the next stage of their lives safe in the knowledge that their results are utterly well-deserved. I am hugely proud of every one of them.

He also thanked Huntington teachers “who have invested a huge amount of time in ensuring that these grades accurately reflect our students’ capabilities”.