Floods transport latest 2: Bus operators accept each others’ tickets

Photograph: YorkMix

Bus operators in York have teamed up to accept each other’s tickets from Monday (17 February) to help people hit by disruption caused by flooding in and around the city.

The scheme will cover all routes within the York A1237 ring road until Tuesday evening, when it will be reviewed against information and updates from authorities, the Environment Agency and weather forecasters.

The operators are: Arriva Yorkshire, York Pullman, Reliance, Transdev York, Connexions, East Yorkshire Buses and First York.

Speaking on behalf of the York Quality Bus Partnership, MD of First York Marc Bichtemann said:

  • All operators have agreed to this initiative, which is a great example of how we can work together to help customers.

    It is very likely that flooding will affect a number of routes and this is simple and sensible action we can take together to help people deal with adverse conditions on the roads around York.

All ticket types will be accepted including digital products on smartphones and pre-paid smartcards.

“In agreeing to do this all operators are also able to support the huge efforts of our drivers, who often go above and beyond in already difficult conditions,” said Marc Bichtemann.